Smart Baj Animals health alongside humans
Smart Baj Animals health alongside humans

Relying on innovation and using the skills and technology of Smart Baj, it intends to be able to improve many processes that are being carried out traditionally with a lot of cost and time and a poor result, and by entering new processes that reduce time and cost and get the desired result to serve different strata of society.


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What is the purpose of smart baj?

Suitable animal introduction services


By using the experimental and scientific knowledge of the veterinary team and relying on the ability of our programming team, we have been able to define algorithms to be able to find the most suitable animal for you from more than 300 animal breeds and 6 animal species according to your living conditions and needs. to introduce

One of the problems and challenges faced by different countries around the world is abandoned pets. Despite the coexistence and close relationship between humans and animals, the solutions to this problem are very limited, and due to the magnitude of this challenge, solving it requires movement. And informing the society in choosing the right animal. From the point of view of Smart Badge, an animal is released when the owner of the animal becomes desperate and releases the animal due to the mismatch between the living conditions and the needs of the animal. From the point of view of Smart Badge, release happens in two ways: 1- Transferring the ownership of the animal (in any way) 2- Release in the environment in connection with the first case, it can be mentioned that the problem has not been solved by changing and transferring the ownership of a pet. And according to Smart Badge studies, 80% of animal ownership transfers are unsuccessful. The reason for this is that most of the people to whom ownership is transferred have similar living conditions, for example, a person lives in the same city, and in this sense, they are in the same geographical and environmental temperature conditions. Releasing in the environment can have a negative impact on the people of the community and the native ecosystem of the region, and gradually with the increase in the number of native animals, native animals will suffer a lot of damage. With a new perspective that is born from knowledge and awareness, Smart Badge has gone to the root of problems by using related sciences and intends to be able to create an algorithm based on the scientific and experimental foundations of veterinary medicine and encourage people in the community to use this method by relying on The power of collective consciousness and the use of artificial intelligence and computer science, in addition to solving many problems of pet owners, simultaneously solve the challenges ahead and introduce the pet to the user that is most compatible with the living conditions and needs of the individual. be

What is our Mission?

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ماموریت اسمارت بج نهفته در شعار ان است تمام تلاش تیم اسمارت بج ارتقا سلامت جامعه بوسیله ارتقا سلامت دامی و حیوانی می باشد اسمارت بج با پوشش جنبه های مختلف زندگی حیوان در کنار انسان سعی دارد تا این تعامل را بهبود ببخشد که اسایش حیوانات و انسانها میسر شده و از زندگی در کنار حیوانات لذت برده و سود ببرند اسمارت بج برای رسیدن به این هدف در طول مسیر و با توجه به شرایط و خدمات پیشبینی و طراحی شده ماموریت های بسیاری را تعریف کرد است و به سر انجام خواهد رساند . اسمارت بج امید دارد که شما نیز در این مسیر همراه او باشید. ما از داشتن شما در کنار خود خوشحال هستیم و به ان افتخار می کنیم و همیشه دست یاری اسمارت بج به سمت شما دراز است تا با نظرات و قلم خود ما را در به انجام رساندن ماموریت هایمان همراهی کنید فراموش نکنیم سلامت انسان ها تنها در کنار سلامت حیوانات میسر می باشد.


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Using artificial intelligence and computer science, we try to solve the challenges faced by pet owners.

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The Smart Badge team consists of a group of veterinarians, computer engineers and entrepreneurs who work together for better communication between humans and animals.

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